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ouran text posts pt 2, tamakyo edition. 

Haha watch this!

鏡夜(きょうや)➝ 中等部

I just finished watching episode 26 today and I personally... Love this anime and I really want it to continue and make a second season do you want them to make a second season? And do you think they will make it?

Who doesn’t want them to make a second season! When I was nearing the end of it I tried to watch them as slowly as possible so it would never end! But of course it did and now I’m sad :’( Tbh I’m not sure if they will make a second season but there is definitely enough demand for it, so if we keep nagging them we might get what we want ;)

Still, to think that such a fabled, erudite student would be gay…

Once that happens, what am I going to do?


Episode 8 v Episode 26